The Dutch gentlemen of Herder planned a tour with Doomriders and Beastmilk in the start of 2014. Germany and Czech Republic where the focus area’s and this tour marked an important moment in their career. After this tour the band definitely got rid of their ‘promising’ status and showed off that they were in the scene to stay and nothing has stopped them in striving forward ever since.

07-05-2016       Lido       Berlin  
04-05-2014       TemplesFest       Bristol  
02-05-2014       Glazart       Paris  
11-05-2011       Arena       Wien  
10-05-2011       Backstage       München  
09-05-2011       Conne Island       Leipzig  
08-05-2011       007       Prague  
06-05-2011       Underground       Köln  
05-05-2011       Underworld       Londen  
03-05-2011       Groezrock       Meerhout